Are You Not Taking Provigil Because You Are Worried About Drug Testing?

Provigil About Drug Testing Every person in his/her life faces a necessity to pass a medical test, when entering a school, a university, or when applying for a long-hoped job. And if a person has a desire to pass a medical examination for no reason in particular, he carries out his duty for the public benefits. Each of us needs to know whether we are healthy or not, just not to endanger other people. In addition to the regular analyses and tests, often you need to be tested for HIV, hepatitis, make an X-ray or pass magnetic resonance imaging, but also you may have to pass a drug testing. What to do if you have just ordered and bought Provigil, but you are afraid of taking it because you need to pass a drug testing? Or you just plan to order this medicine, don’t you? There are so many hesitations on that score. Let’s find out whether Provigil  influences it.

First you should understand one important thing. Provigil is a legal medication that has nothing in common with those preparations which are strictly forbidden around the world. And in case of its detection in a test, you will not be fired or even despised. It is a simple stimulant that helps you to treat your sleep disorders: an excessive sleepiness, chronic fatigue syndrome, and narcolepsy. Not taking this remedy in case of disease recurrence, is just a waste of time and holding back on the necessary treatment.

If you have to pass a pre-employment drug test (standard testing without taking blood for the detection of a special type of medicine), have no worries here, because this remedy will not be detected. The main intended purpose of pre-employment testing is to find such drug intake as of Amphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates. And Provigil has a different chemical composition in comparison with these drugs. If somebody asks for the details of your medicine administration, you can easily inform this person about Provigil.

If you have to pass a test which has to detect the selected medications including Modafinil (it is an active ingredient of Provigil) in your blood or urine, of course, it will be shown in the results. But it cannot be the reason to fire you, and it will not lead to any negative consequences. One more time, it is a legal remedy. Moreover, the presence of this preparation in your blood and urine is very short. So by the time of your drug testing this preparation will completely disappear from your body. And the result will be negative.

In case of Provigil detection in your blood and urine, nobody will care about it. It is just a standard procedure.

The only case where this medicine will harm your drug testing is  sport. It is not recommended to take it. Of course, in terms of professional sport, where doctors hold such tests to identify whether a sportsman helped himself to have an advantage over other competitors. And such drug intake will only mean that the sportsman wants to play and compete improperly. Such cases happened in 2003 when shot put and hammer throw sportsmen were penalized because there was Modafinil in their blood and urine.

Are You Still Hesitating About Taking This Remedy?

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