Avastin as Breast Cancer Treatment Rejected by FDA Panel

Avastin and Breast Cancer The cancer diseases are one of the worst problems in the world, no one is impervious to having them. Unfortunately, women often have to fight with breast cancer, which is curable only in its early stages. For this purpose, the treatment should take place gradually and it needs a medical interference along with the necessary for such diseases chemotherapy. One of the preparations, which has constantly been applied to the treatment of cancer diseases is Avastin. But it has always kept on the alert of the FDA Panel specialists. Even though more and more women claimed that Avastin had saved their lives, the FDA Panel rejected it and did not recommend to use it in breast cancer treatment. They held numerous researches to define whether it was a safe medication or not. The result was a shock for women, who had been treated successfully with the help of it.

Avastin was first approved in 2004. Then in 2008 the FDA organization rechecked its safety and again approved it. But in 2011 the FDA Panel decided to reject the drug and insisted that the remedy Avastin was illicit, and it should not be used in breast cancer treatment. But they allowed it to be used in the treatment of other types of cancer diseases. The opinions divided on this matter because the doctors could still prescribe this best-seller preparation for breast cancer, but the insurance companies would not pay for it. Therefore, women were forced to take out loans or advances at work, which would let them buy it.

This drug rejection was explained as follows: after having an anonymous voting, the members of the Panel insisted that Avastin was ineffective, unsafe drug and could cause severe adverse reactions which could be even fatal. Many doctors were convinced that it was a deliberate campaign against the manufacturers of Avastin, and it had nothing to do with the truthful detection of any really severe side effects. The specialists of FDA wanted to see a positive result in their researches and wanted Avastin to succeed in treatment, but these studies did not bear out their hope. Nevertheless, the doctors continued the usage of this medication in breast cancer treatment.

In 2016 this remedy has been approved in several countries. According to the results of re-examination, this preparation has not received any complaints about its quality. However, during the check, the specialists found violations of its admission to the hospitals. In particular, the declared by the manufacturer storage temperature of drug ranged from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. In case of violation of the storage conditions, the remedy loses its properties and becomes dangerous to health. Moreover, Avastin was criticized for causing loss of vision. But the manufacturer notes that such adverse reactions are possible only in case of its misusage and if the remedy is stored improperly. Avastin is a medicine that should be used mainly in the treatment of cancer diseases.

Among the possible side effects of this medication are bleeding gums, chills, dizziness, discomfort, loss of voice, a headache. And it is strictly contraindicated to take it 28 days before and after a planned surgical interference.

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