Erythromycin (Ilosone)

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Generic Name: Erythromycin 
Brand Names: Ilosone
Dosage: 250mg, 500mg
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Erythromycin (Ilosone) is antibacterial drug from a group of macrolides that have a large spectrum of activity. It blocks the formation of protein in bacteria and violates formation of peptide bonds between amino acids.

Erythromycin is used to treat diphtheria, brucellosis, pheumonia, listeriosis, prostatitis, amoebic dysentery, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, otitis, angina and bronchitis.

Side effects

Side effects are usually observed at the beginning of the therapy. Keep in mind that elderly and weakened patients have side effects more frequently.

If you feel any of the following side effects, contact your doctor:

  • allergic skin reactions (urticaria and other forms of rash);
  • nausea, vomiting, gastralgia, tenesmus,
  • abdominal pain, diarrheadysbacteriosis;
  • rarely – oral candidiasis, pseudomembranous enterocolitis (during treatment and after it), abnormal liver function, cholestatic jaundice, increase in liver transaminases, pancreatitis, hearing loss and / or tinnitus.


Erythromycin is contraindicated for patients with:

  1. hypersensitivity to the drug and its components;
  2. cardiac arrhythmias (administered in extreme cases and under the control of the heart rhythm);
  3. loss of hearing;
  4. liver failure;
  5. lactation period.

Taking the medication during pregnancy may cause harmful effects to the newborn baby.

How to take

The drug is taken orally with a full glass of water, before the meal.

The dosage depends on the condition of the patient, starting from 200 mg up to 1gr per day.

The treatment lasts for not more than 2 weeks.

Do not exceed your prescribed dosage.

Do not stop taking the medication abruptly, if you take it for more than a week. It can cause discomfort.

Drug interactions

Erythromycin reduces bactericidal activity of beta-lactam antibiotics (penicillins, cephalosporins, carbapenems).

It increases cyclosporine nephrotoxicity and reduces the clearance of midazolam and triazolam.

Simultaneous reception with terfenadine and astemizole can lead to arrhythmias.

The medicine enhances the effect of methylprednisolone, felodipine, and anticoagulants.

Missed dose

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember. It’s recommended not take a double dose of the medication.


Symptoms of an overdose are abnormal liver function and loss of hearing.

Overdose treatment includes gastric lavage and forced diuresis.

In case of severe overdose, contact emergency services immediately (USA/UK – 911 / 112 / 999).


The medicine should be kept in a dry place with temperature no higher than 25C, away from children.

Has a Generic Erythromycin been approved?

Yes. It’s not different from the brand medication.

Other manufacturers include:

  • Pharmacia & Upjohn
  • Systopic Laboratories (P) Ltd.
  • Novasearch Dermocare (Ultramark Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
  • Alembic Chemical Works Co Ltd
  • Cadila Healthcare (Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd)
  • Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Bhavishya Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
  • Densa Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.
  • Tosc International Pvt Ltd.
  • Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd (AHPL)
  • Elite Pharma Pvt Ltd
  • Intima (IPCA Laboratories Ltd)
  • Nicholas Piramal India Ltd.
  • The Pharmed Research Lab Pvt Ltd
  • USV-Corvette (US Vitamins Ltd)
  • Pfizer Limited (Pharmacia India Pvt Ltd)


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